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Detroit Flower Wall and Signs is the Flower That Grew Threw The Concrete. We found the missing piece to the in our industry and we're now here bring it to your event, business or interior space. We create spaces that brings out the best in you, your friend's and your family. Our design create the opportunity for memories to be made and creates moments you'll forever cherish. We specialize in luxe floral decor, unique oversize props and event staging.  We can create your vision and bring it to life with our design process.  Your space and event can be transformed by our unique props and designs. We offer installation of floral arrangements and our signature luxury flower walls. We believe your vision can come to life with our help. 


Our Story

Meet the Owners Larrissa and Terrell Carlton


Larrissa a former Recreational Therapist and Wellness Advocate and Terrell Carlton a 15 year experience carpenter has combined their skills and passion to bring together a captivating experience for many in the Metro Detroit Area. 

It all started in their parent's driveway. Larrissa was determined to build sets for her first business She's Blossoming. She was dedicated to creating an aesthetically pleasing ambiance for her guest at her events. This lead to many of her guest requesting the design for their personal use. Larrissa was hesitant about starting a new venture and did not forsee the future and the beginning. It wasn't until Terrell expressed his vision for the industry and the captivating experiences he saw the guest at Larrissa's women empowerment events having. With convincing, Larrissa decided to move forward with Detroit Flower Wall, now creating empowering moments for many in the Metro Detroit Area. 

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