Frequently asked questions

Which sizes do your acrylic signs come in?

Our acylic signs are offered in 24x18in as our standard size. We do offer custom sizes. Please inquire about our custom sizes

Do you charge a rental delivery fee?

Yes, the delivery fee is included in the the total rental service price.

Do you have insurance for your rental services?

Yes! We have insurance coverage for our business and rental services. If your venue needs proof of insurance, please request a copy from your booking cordinator.

Do you ship out-of-state (Michigan)?

Yes! We do ship, let us know you're not local and we'd be happy to ship you the product.

Do you offer purchases for your Luxe Grass wall?

Yes! We do offer our walls for purchase, please inquire for purchasing a luxe floral wall.

Do you offer custom sizing for the luxe walls?

Yes! We can make a custom wall the size you desire. Please understand that the custom walls production is 30 days for creation. If you're planning an event keep this in mind.

What is the event delivery time?

We arrive 1-2 Hours prior to the event starting, depending on the rental service or product.

What is the expected delivery time for custom signs?

Custom signs are 14-17 days including production and delivery.

Do you offer consultations for installations?

Yes! We require a consultation prior to scheduling an installation.

How long does a floral wall installation take?

Installation depends on the service being provided. Typically plan for minimum 4 hours and maximum 10 hours or more depending on the type of installation and service.

Do you travel for events?

Yes! We're willing to travel. Please inquiry, let us know the location and we can give an estimate depending on the location.